Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What A Difference $14 Makes!

I have had my kitchen table and chairs for almost 18 years.  In my dreams I would like a square table with 2 chairs are each side but it just isn't in the budget and I don't really need it because my table is still in great shape.  I said the table but the chairs are a different story.  I honestly do not know how the cushions get so dirty, we sit on them so if we spilled food it would be on our laps right?
The fabric is not pretty any more but it doesn't have a rip or tear in any of the six chairs and I still find them comfortable to sit on so I ventured in to JoAnn's and found new decorator fabric for $7.69 a yard.

I have never attempted to reupholster anything but this was so easy.  Remove 3 screws to release the cushion from the chair, staple the fabric over the original fabric and then attach the cushion back on the chair with the 3 screws.  I do have to admit that after putting all those staples in my hand was tired.  I don't know why staple guns have to be so hard to pull the trigger.
My son noticed right off the bat when he sat down to eat dinner but Steve was totally oblivious to the change but after we told him he was impressed and really happy about the "new" chairs.

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